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Tuesday, December 31 2013

A NEW YEAR means new ideals, new friends and most importantly a NEW YOU!

With the New Year on our horizon, we pause to look back, cherishing what was good, and then pause to look forward, cheerleading what we hope will be great—HELLO 2014

When flipping your calendar, focus most on gratefulness. Be thankful for experiences that filled your heart and thrilled your mind and opportunities to gracefully touch others’ lives—BYE 2013

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Monday, December 30 2013

Plant a Seed for the New Year! So, plant a seed and take one step in the direction of your dreams, desires or goals. A planted seed is a wonderful symbol of your new LIFE in 2014.

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Friday, December 27 2013

Love is like a new relationship caught on fire. In the beginning it’s a big flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce. But as Love grows older, our hearts mature and our Love become as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.

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Thursday, December 26 2013

                                  The POWER of DIVINE LOVE

Divine Love can empower you with the understanding of how the mind works relating to any given situation in your life and the wisdom to know that there is more than what is seen and not seen that supports all of life existence and to allow for life happening to occur.

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Wednesday, December 25 2013

Merry Christmas!

“There is no greater LOVE than the LOVE we celebrate on today. The birth of JESUS”

Oh, come let us ADORE HIM! Giving thanks for God’s “Gift of Love” and the joy we share through “Christ our Lord”.

This is the true meaning of LOVE!

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Wednesday, December 25 2013

Christmas is a time to reflect on the whole year, A time of renewal and hope, giving, helping and sharing, but most of all, love!  Nishan Panwar

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Tuesday, December 24 2013

Love came down at Christmas, Love all lovely, Love Divine; Star and Angels gave the sign; Love was born at Christmas. Christmas is LOVE!!! (Christina Rossetti)

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Monday, December 23 2013

Vow to stay optimistic today no matter what. Love binds every situation.

“Truth is, I'll never know all there is to know about you just as you will never know all there is to know about me. Humans are by nature too complicated to be understood fully. So, we can choose either to approach our fellow human beings with suspicion or to approach them with an open mind, a dash of optimism and a great deal of candor”. Tom Hanks

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Friday, December 20 2013

Devote today to your priorities~~the projects and activities that you dream about. Any step you make in the direction of these pursuits will be applauded by your inner self. You’ll feel glad as you invest time and energy in yourself...

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Thursday, December 19 2013

Make a date with Mother Nature today, spending as much time as possible outdoors. Deeply breathe in the fresh air and feel your energy awaken. Listen to the sweet sounds of nature and absorb Earth’s radiant aura of love.

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Wednesday, December 18 2013

Try to put your focus on being real, in the sense of owning and living your truth. Throughout the day, pause and ask yourself, Is this right for me? And how do I honestly feel about this?

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Tuesday, December 17 2013

Always be honest about your thoughts and feelings yet do call upon God and your higher self to gain the best perspective on every situation. In this way, you work through any upsetting emotions very quickly, keeping a high level of energy and a positive attitude.

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Monday, December 16 2013

Learn to Stay Positive in ALL Situations. The most helpful thing that you can do in the face of hardship is to keep a positive attitude. There’s always some blessing within all circumstances, even if you can’t immediately identify it. By holding on to FAITH, you can elevate everyone around you, along with the situation itself.

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Saturday, December 14 2013

Look around and see the universe in all things, Breathe in the awareness that you are the universe.

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Friday, December 13 2013

I forgive everyone who has wrong me at any time. I ask for forgiveness from those I have wronged. Because, I profoundly love, accept and forgive myself.

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Thursday, December 12 2013

One reason why your life may feel unbalanced is because your reluctance to accept complete responsibility for your happiness. The thought of being totally accountable to yourself brought up fears and pressures that you want to avoid. Now, is the time to realize that self-responsibility isn’t a test that you can pass or fail, it literally means being responsive to your own core~after all, no one else can know what will make you happy.

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Wednesday, December 11 2013

Repeat this everyday: I fully accept that I am responsible for my own happiness. So, I treat myself with respect and care.

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Tuesday, December 10 2013

Today! focus on finding the loop of love extending from you to others, and to God. As you notice and feel this, you uncover your greatest treasure. (SELF~LOVE!)

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Monday, December 09 2013

The path to manifestation begins with a crystal clear decision about what it is that you want. Today, make a crystal clear choice about something that you desire. It could be carrying out life improvements, supporting a cause that you believe in, or something else that you feel guided to do.

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Friday, December 06 2013

Today try to focus on the love and light within yourself and others. Since ego is annoying, choose to put your attention elsewhere and view people through the eyes of God. The more you see love within everyone else; the more you will feel it inside of you.

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Thursday, December 05 2013

We all have a treasure chest of Divine love inside of us. We need to allow ourselves to cherish who we are and open up our hearts to caring that extends from God into our hearts.

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Wednesday, December 04 2013

You’ve often heard people say that you can only care for others to the degree that you appreciate yourself. If you admire someone yet despise yourself, you won’t value the affection that you give other person. When you realize that caring come from God, you can feel the connection between yourself, your beloved one, and the Divine.  This is what self-love is really all about: It doesn’t mean believing that you’re better than someone else, but rather that everything attractive you see in another person is a mirror of the beauty within yourself.

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Tuesday, December 03 2013

The human ego is annoying~~that’s its very nature. It irritates you because it creates friction as it attempts to dissuade you from love. This ripple in the energy field is unpleasant.

You will always be troubled if you pay attention to other people’s egos, because you will only notice the darkness and shadows. This focus leads to fears that goodness is a myth and you’re alone and unloved. The only way out of this abyss is to view yourself and others through God eyes. What you concentrate on is what you’ll see, which is what you’ll encounter.

If you would like to experience a greater sense of love and feel more secure about yourself, then look past the ego. See beneath the annoying traits to the place where love and light reside within each person. Steadily gazing at this treasure chest within every individual will uncover a peacefulness that you would long forgotten about. ~~Doreen Virtue~~

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Monday, December 02 2013

Your greatest treasure is easy to find and open … it’s self~love.

Posted by: Darlene H Joyner AT 08:58 am   |  Permalink   |  Email

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