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Saturday, August 31 2013

Today, make it a point to observe examples of caring…someone’s helpfulness, for instance, or a child’s affection. As you see these reminders, drink in the delicious energy being created, and nourish yourself with its warmth. Love is all around you, today and every day.

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Friday, August 30 2013

God’s love for you is so profound that it exceeds the bounds of words. To have an inkling of how much you’re cherished, try to envision an all-encompassing, limitless energy. In heaven, every thought of you is positive, because God only sees your magnificence and Divinity, reveling in your perfection.

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Thursday, August 29 2013

Imagine yourself enjoying success in every situation today. See yourself smiling and having fun as everything goes your way. Feel the emotions of that others are inspired by your triumphs.

       Visualize having a rewarding day as a gift to yourself. Your positive expectations are seeds planted in your favor, which will successfully grow into uplifting experiences.

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Wednesday, August 28 2013

You are deeply loved right now. You deserve and should welcome love, for it is safe for you to feel this emotion. Fully open your heart to receiving Divine care right now and throughout the day.

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Tuesday, August 27 2013

“Thought for Today”, I am successful in every way, and I learn from all of my experiences. People like and respect me because I value myself and feel good about who I am. It’s safe for me to thrive, and I allow myself to do so. I deserve blessings~~as do all people~~and when I succeed, so does everyone else.

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Monday, August 26 2013

Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful. Just know that you are deeply loved right now. You deserve and should welcome love, for it is safe for you to feel this emotion. Fully open your heart to receiving Divine care right now and throughout the day. God is working all situations out right now for the good of you. “It’s already Done”! Just believe and receive it.

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Friday, August 23 2013

Love yourself unconditionally. Today, do your best to love yourself with no reservations. Look past any apparent errors, and embrace a vision of your Divinity. Your unconditional love melds with the universe to form a truly supportive stance that elevates you to the next level... and beyond.

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Thursday, August 22 2013

If you could snap your fingers and change one thing in your life, what would it be??? ~ Taking care of oneself sometimes means entering the chasm of the unknown. Take one step (or more) in a healthy direction. Honor yourself with loving care.

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Wednesday, August 21 2013

Today focus to attract only harmonious situations and relationships. Your peacefulness is reflected in your life and is your gift to others. Stay steady, calm, and compassionate no matter what’s going on around you, because you always remember that love is the greatest healing force.

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Tuesday, August 20 2013

Your life purpose rests on remembering and teaching love. When conflict threatens your peace of mind, recall that you have the power to choose whether or not to engage in drama. You can be a caring and supportive person without taking part in negative thinking or talking.

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Monday, August 19 2013

Allow your inner child to express its wishes and desires. Give it your attention, for your will love it very much and want to show that little child within you some affection. The affection which you display will support the words, “I love me some me!” (Smile).

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Saturday, August 17 2013

Judgment is the action of using words to divide things into categories~~it’s your ego’s method of simplification. Your higher self, in contrast, uses discernment, which involves adhering to feelings of attraction or repulsion toward the energies of a person, item, or situation.

Judgment says, “This is bad” or “This is good”, while discernment states, “I’m drawn to this situation” or “These circumstances don’t appeal to me”. One divides and separates, while the other works with the law of attraction.

Today, practice nonjudgmental in every situation and relationship. Allow others to be themselves and to act differently from you. Be gentle in your thoughts, and view yourself through the lens of compassion.

Honor the feelings that pull you toward~~or push you away from ~~various situations. This discernment will serve as your trustworthy mentor.

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Friday, August 16 2013

Of all your promises, the ones you make to yourself are the most important. The relationship you have with yourself is very much like that of a parent and child, so when you fulfill these obligations, you nurture and honor who you are.

Recall a pledge that you’ve made to yourself and resolve to keep it today. This may involve taking just one small step in the direction of your commitment. But no matter how far you get, your inner self will feel glad and more alive from this form of care.

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Thursday, August 15 2013

Make three wishes, speaking them aloud and surrounding them with faith, gratitude, and joy. Blanket your desires with the pink light of love and believe that they will come true. Believe & Receive!

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Tuesday, August 13 2013

Honor your accomplishments, you have taken the high road repeatedly, put the development of your character above all else; you have acted lovingly and helped others without any need for recognition. Commend yourself for commitment to live your life from a spiritual standpoint.

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Monday, August 12 2013

Say these words throughout the today, I appreciate all my blessings, and I easily express how grateful I am for my life and for being me. My heart is filled with gladness as I say “THANK YOU”!


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Sunday, August 11 2013

Think! ~ “I am a loving person, and I easily express my kindness to others. I speak with caring and gentleness”. Today, look for opportunities to express this feeling in your conversations, using words that are gentle, sincere, warm, and thoughtful. Know that every kind word spoken today is a gift to both the speaker and the listener.

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Saturday, August 10 2013

Relax today and give yourself a break, reminding you to easy do it. You deserve to take some time off because everyone benefits when you are well rested.

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Friday, August 09 2013

Notice the sounds of the natural world, tuning in to the beautiful rhythms of birds, trees, animals, and the wind. Listen to Mother Nature’s music deep within your soul. Allow your own rhythms to synchronize with those of the universe, giving yourself perfect timing. Since you’re part of the earth, it’s only natural for you to join in on the beautiful rhythm.

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Thursday, August 08 2013

Notice beauty everywhere you go and in everything you do. There is great beauty in you, in everyone you encounter, and within every situation. All you need to do in order to enjoy this beauty is to look for it.

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Wednesday, August 07 2013

I’m grateful to my body for all the amazing things it does every single second, to keep me healthy and alive.

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Tuesday, August 06 2013

Dedicate today to beauty. As you keep it in mind throughout the day, you’ll automatically spread it wherever you go. This force purifies your thoughts, emotions, and intentions, as you realize that it’s Divine~~and that everyone and everything is part of one beautiful Spirit.

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Monday, August 05 2013

Heaven isn’t some faraway place~~it’s a dimension that exists all around you. Therefore, at times you will feel God presence or see evidence that God is right beside you. God moves as you do and stand next to you always. Although God will never interfere with your free will, he’s poised to help at every moment…All you need to do is ask.

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Sunday, August 04 2013

Be aware of your amazing power of manifestation. Know that in everything you think and feel the entire universe is fully supporting you.

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Saturday, August 03 2013

Today meet all worries with a prayer. Instead of imagining the worst that could happen, ask God for help. The moment you are feeling down reach upward instead. Heaven is where you will find strength.

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Friday, August 02 2013

You are safe and so is your future. God is watching out for you right now. You easily hear and listen to your intuition.

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Thursday, August 01 2013

Speak with love. All of your speech is life affirming, and ask God to communicate through you today. If you find yourself using negative words, pause and begin again with positive ones.

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