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Monday, September 30 2013

Nurture yourself with positive and supportive self-talk, because your soul thrives on praise and compliments. Frequently tell yourself “I LOVE YOU!” either silently or aloud. As you give yourself affection, you open yourself further to receiving more of it.

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Saturday, September 28 2013

Let go of your regrets, and understand that mistake made by you and others are all learning opportunities for growth.

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Friday, September 27 2013

Your inner compass accurately steers you in the direction of your dreams and desires. Trust the guidance that you receive, since it comes directly from the Infinite wisdom of God and helps you move toward the happiness that is heaven on Earth.

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Thursday, September 26 2013

You should practice extending kindness as you feel guided to do so. Give it freely, with loving words, thoughts, energies, ideas and help. Speak kindly about yourself, others and your world.

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Wednesday, September 25 2013

When you’re joyful, your light shines more brightly, and you inspire others to be cheerful themselves. Trust your inner feelings, ideas and visions, as they’re God~~given tools designed to lead you toward peace and happiness.

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Tuesday, September 24 2013

I support others in becoming prosperous, and in turn life supports me in wondrous ways. For, I am worthy of riches; so I fully accept myself and all the richest that flows to me on this day.

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Monday, September 23 2013

Anxiety creates a restlessness that makes it difficult for you to focus and concentrate. At times, your mind and body feel as unsettled as the churning sea.

These feelings spring from a search of peace, without knowing where it is or how to find it. It’s a relentless outward quest for perfection and a desire for control that’s founded on the longing  for serenity. But since peace is God, what you’re really craving is a connection with the Divine.

Everything that you’re craving is waiting for you in the quiet moments when you close your eyes, breathe, and calm your body and mind. This is where God is and where peace resides… this is what you yearn for.

So, take frequents breaks, closing your eyes and breathing deeply throughout the day (and especially during difficult situations, or whenever you feel anxious). Remember that God is holding your hand through all matters, calm and chaotic. You can always lean on him and borrow his serenity whenever you choose. Your peacefulness pours cooling liquid upon raging fires, bringing about harmonious solutions to all apparent problems.

Peace is the answer to any question you have today…JUST PEACE!

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Saturday, September 21 2013

Today, appreciate yourself, even above all that you have accomplished and learned, give yourself praise for being who you are. You shine God’s light so radiantly, and you’re a joy for all to behold. Take some time to honor yourself and spend time in your own illuminating company. Self Appreciation and Self Love makes a POWERFUL WOMAN!

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Friday, September 20 2013

Acknowledge how far you have come and all that you have learned. Recognize how much you have given and how much you have received. And most of all, appreciate yourself just for being you.

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Thursday, September 19 2013

One caring deed performed each day can elevate your energy, causing you to ride on a cushion of gratitude from those who receive your kindness. When you act compassionately, you’re literally directing your power outward, like a beam of light that supports and uplifts the other person. When that individual then extends appreciation back toward you, you then become elevated on a ray of very powerful energy. So each time someone thinks of you in a grateful way, your spirits are also raised. You may even notice a lift in your mood or a warm feeling in your heart as the other person send gratitude your way.

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Wednesday, September 18 2013

Take charge of your life and turn up the intensity of goodness. Set your dials on harmony, abundance, perfect health and peace, loving relationships, wonderful opportunities, and everything else that your heart desires. Follow your guidance and keep your arms open to receive your blessings.

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Tuesday, September 17 2013

I see prosperity wherever I go, opening my eyes to the richness of life.  The more I see this, the more it flows to me. All my words reflect the blessings of abundance, which I bring to everyone I meet.

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Monday, September 16 2013

Notice colors and sense how they affect you. Discern the way your emotions, energy, and focus are impacted by the various hues you wear and see. Your sensitivity to energy continues to become more refined.

So notice colors today, paying particular attention to how each one influences your mood, focus or physical feelings. Observe how the shade of clothing, rooms and such affect you. If you’re attracted to a particular hue, then spend time looking at an object of that color. This will help you absorb its gift for you and become more attunded to nonphysical frequencies.

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Saturday, September 14 2013

The universe is constantly giving to you in ways both small and large. When someone offers to assist you, buys you lunch, or hands you a gift, open your arms to receive. The more that you say yes to blessings, the more the universal energy freely flows to and through you. When you push away proffered help, you close the door to this abundance.

Today, open your arms to welcome any gifts that come your way, and say yes to the universal flow. Allow yourself to be helped, loved, and pampered…

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Friday, September 13 2013

You can now give any cares or worries to God, and breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that you don’t have to handle anything alone. You have constant support in every part of your life, for God loves you. It is safe for you to accept his help.

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Thursday, September 12 2013

We have emphasized the power of spoken and written words, describing the tremendous potential for manifestation within each one. Let’s focus on the energy of kindness within what you say.

Your compassion conveys a gentle and supportive form of love.  Its energy is uplifting and nurturing, both for the giver and the receiver.  When caring words are conveyed, a heart connection forms, joining everyone involved. It’s an alliance of love where everyone who speaks or hears the kindness bathes in its healing power together, forging an intimate bond.

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Wednesday, September 11 2013

I accept all the blessings that life offers me. It is safe for me to receive, and I open my arms fully to welcome the universe’s gifts of love. 

                                   "Love heals ALL wounds".

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Tuesday, September 10 2013

I feel happy in the knowledge that I can always count on God, for he is everywhere that I am~~~my steady foundation through thick and thin. No matter what, he is always there for me.

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Monday, September 09 2013

       When you regard people as vibrant, and perfect, this perception radiates onto your own physical body.  You bestow the gift of health when you look at others in this way. 

       Health is everyone’s nature state…its how God created all men and women. When you see an individual’s wellness~~regardless of outward illusions~~you’re witnessing the Divine within that person.

      See and express healthfulness wherever you go, focusing on this spiritual truth within everyone. The love inside you and others stokes the flame of well-being, causing it to grow larger and more prominent in the lives of all people.

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Saturday, September 07 2013

Notice love all around you. The universe provides steady reminders of love, and those who pay attention know that this emotion is everywhere~~there’s so much to joyfully celebrate! This is a simple route to happiness.

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Friday, September 06 2013

The words Thank you is essential ingredients in your recipe for health, peace and the manifestation of everything you desire. Saying, thinking, or writing this phrase immediately increases your energy levels, so practice expressing it throughout the day. Speak the words quietly, loudly, or even silently as you feel guided.

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Thursday, September 05 2013

      Set down the weight of your burdens, beloved one, and give every care and worry to God.  There’s no need for you to struggle with fears when so much support is available to you.

      Let the Divine take care of any concerns today. Inhale deeply, and as you exhale, give your troubles to God, Whose infinite, loving wisdom will unravel any complications and replace pain with peace.

     Release tension, and allow heaven to do what it does best:  LOVE YOU!!!

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Wednesday, September 04 2013

      Often a series of actions and reactions must occur in order for your prayer to be answered, especially if several people are involved. This phenomenon is called “Diving timing”, and it’s similar to the stages necessary for a seed to sprout. Yes, this process can be rushed to a degree, but there’s still an incubation period for both prayers and plants to appear in material form. 


       Please have patience and continue to nurture your desires with love, positive thoughts, and guided action.  Know that your prayer is being manifested even as you read these words. Divine timing ensures that your wish arrives exactly the right moment. And know it is safe for you to be happy in the meantime.

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Tuesday, September 03 2013

Repeat this when you are feeling down, I allow myself to receive only love. I treat myself with love and am given affection in return. The more loving I am toward myself, the more that I feel loved. The more I feel love, the more I am at peace. And the more I am at peace, the greater my contribution to world peace will be. It is safe for me to receive, for I, like all others, deserve goodness in all ways.

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Monday, September 02 2013

All my prayers are heard and answered. I trust in the Divine timing of the universe, for I am in the perfect flow of giving and receiving. My life takes on magical qualities as I approach it with grace and faith.

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